Any entity shall have the right to obtain information on services provided by the Depository and tariffs approved. Such information can be obtained from the "Services" page of our website, while the depository tariffs can be found here.

Customer Complaints and Claims

Any complaint claims in respect of the services received from the Central Depository of Armenia can be directed to the management of the "Central Depository of Armenia" ojsc (CDA) within 3 months from the moment of violation of your rights. Please note that complaints against the CDA or the System Member can be submitted if you are using or have been using CDA services.

Complaint should be submitted in paper form by clearly indicating facts of violations and relevant evidences, as well as the means to contact you.

CDA will investigate your complaint or request within 5 working days. If additional evidences are required from you, total investigation duration can be extended for additional 2 working days. 

If the complaint refers to the actions of the System Member, CDA requests appropriate clarifications from the respective Member within 2 working days. Clarifications shall be provided within 3 working days. If necessary, CDA may conduct extraordinary inspection of the System member. CDA takes appropriate measures to eliminate violation revealed during inspections or complaint's investigation process. 

Customers have the right to appeal against CDA actions, as well as the given decisions, in accordance with RA legislation.

Customer complaints against CDA services can be submitted to the CDA management via following contacts. Customer complaints and claims are discussed according to the CDA "Procedure for Consideration of Customer Complaints and Claims".

Individual customers' material claims not exceeding AMD 10 million will be considered according to the following procedure. A blank form for submission of such claims (in *.doc format) can be downloaded here.

Individual customers can also have their rights protected by the Armenian Financial System Mediator (FSM).

Note: "Central Depository of Armenia" ojsc (CDA) has not waived its right to appeal against the decisions of the Financial System Mediator. Therefore, the CDA reserves the right to apply to Court against FSM decisions as it sees fit.

Updated as of: 06.12.2019