Rulemaking is a continuing process at Armenia Securities Exchange, which reflects ongoing improvements in procedures and practices, as well as the creation of a framework for newly introduced services. We believe it important that prior to approval and official registration, draft amendments and addenda to the existing rules, as well as newly developed documents, can be reviewed by all stakeholders and considered from as many standpoints as possible.

The drafts are posted in this section at least 15 days prior to the date of the Supervisory Board meeting, at which they will be discussed. Upon approval by the Supervisory Board and registration with the Central Bank of Armenia (if such is required by the legislation), the final documents will be placed under the  Depository Rules section.

 Please refer to the Armenian version of this page.


Please send any opinions and suggestions regarding the presented drafts to: Legal department, tel.: +374 60 61 55 55 ext.111.

Updated as of: 26.09.2022