Participants of pension system can manage their pension accounts via Account Operators and "My Account" webpage. There are the following opportunities: 

  1. Change of Personal information 
  1. Selection of pension fund and fund manager 
  1. Exchange of pension fund units 

Change of Personal Information 

Participant can fill in and change personal data of pension account by presenting the "Personal information change application". 

Selection of a mandatory pension fund and fund manager 

Participant can submit "Mandatory pension fund and fund manager selection application" any time for opening pension account and transferring future contribution to the same or to the other fund manager's fund. 

While submitting the application, it is necessary to fill in participant's personal and contact information as well as the preferred means of receiving information. After the necessary information is filled in participant must choose one of the pension funds mentioned bellow: 

- AMUNDI-ACBA Fixed Income 

- AMUNDI-ACBA Conservative 

- AMUNDI-ACBA Balanced 

 - C-Quadrat Ampega Fixed Income 

- C-Quadrat Ampega Conservative 

- C-Quadrat Ampega Balanced 

If Participant is not oriented which fund to choose, he can mention only the fund manager, after which that Manager's Conservative fund will be chosen instead of participant.   Participant can change his/her active pension fund by submitting above-mentioned application. While submitting application participant has to choose between not active pension funds at that moment. 

After submitting the new application participant's future contributions will go to the fund which has been selected by latest selection application. Please note that Participant can have only one active fund. 

Exchange of pension fund units 

Participant can exchange his/her fund units with other pension fund's units any time. The letter means, that participant matures the pension fund units in the pension account and acquires other pension fund units, based on appropriate price of matured pension units. For that participant should submit "Pension unit exchange application". In that case, participant's future contributions will still be transferred to the pension fund that has been selected by selection application. 

The account operator does not advertise any pension fund and fund manager, does not consult or in any other way guide in choosing the fund and fund manager. 



Updated as of: 03.12.2019