The Depository provides services in pension system via Account operators, as well as My Account system. Through Account Operators and "My Account" system, Participants can have access to a number of opportunities for managing their pension accounts, such as:

1. Amend personal data of pension account, 
2. Select pension fund and fund manager, 
3. Exchange pension fund units,
4. Receive annual statements on pension account, 
5. Receive the contributions available on their pension account by lump-sum payment before the pension age, 
6. Transfer the contributions available on his pension account to their another pension account in a foreign country, 
7. Select type of pension, 
8. Inherit pension fund units, 
9. Reject/accept ownership of pension fund units, 
10. Receive information on the balance of pension account, as well as account activities, 
11. Receive information on pension account for choosing pension type.

All the mentioned activities, except point 5, 6, 7 (in case of choosing the option to receive annuity pension payments) and 8, can be implemented both by applying to the Account operator and "My Account" system.

Updated as of: 20.09.2022