Central Depository of Armenia provides services both legal entities and account holders. The services provided to customers are mediated through by concluding appropriate custody contract.

The Depository or Account operators open securities accounts for their customers to register securities and securities operations, and provide the following services:

  • Opening securities account
  • Changing data of securities account
  • Closing securities account
  • Operations, related to securities transfer, including

1) Free Delivery or ST transfer;
2) Delivery versus Payment or DVP transfer;
3) Free delivery by Acceptance or FOP transfer;
4) Transfer of securities portfolio or portfolio transfer;
5) Transfer of securities based on repurchase transaction, concluded with the Central Bank and a commercial bank.

  • Operations, related to securities pledge, termination of the pledge
  • Services of extrajudicial enforcement of securities pledge
  • Freezing of securities or securities account and termination of freeze, based on Account Holder's order
  • Temporary limitation of voting rights of blocked securities during General Meeting of a joint stock company

The relevant documents and orders can be submitted to the Account Operator by the Issuers and Account Holders every business day from 09.30 to16.00, unless Account Operators define longer period. Submission of orders to the Central Depository and their registration by the Account Operator shall be executed during 16.00-17.30.

The Account Operator can provide response to the requests, received from the Issuers and Account Holders, as of the day indicated in the request. Please consider, that from 10.30 to 15.40 at the latest on the day of submitting request the securities, listed and traded on regulated market, will be recorded in technical securities account and will not be reflected in Account Holder's securities account.

For more information please refer to the Depository's Rules on Operation of Unified System of Securities Registry Maintenance and Settlement.

Updated as of: 03.12.2019