CDA offers registration of the issued and placed securities in the securities accounts of the investors. Besides, Issuers have the opportunity to register the results of finished corporate actions (these are the actions based on the decision of the competent authority of the issuer, that applies for all the owners of the exact type of securities) for the securities issued by themselves, particularly:

  • Merge
  • Demerge
  • Consolidation and Split of securities
  • Instrument’s nominal value change
  • Conversion of one security to another
  • Buyback and redemption

If the Issuers want to have an access to the services from this group, they should give the registry of their securities to CDA beforehand (see the previous section). Issuers should sign the agreement for provision of issuer’s securities custody services, if they want to make buyback or purchase.  

Updated as of: 03.12.2019