Any legal entity, being joint stock company, can become a CDA customer by delegating the maintenance of its registry to the latter and concluding registry keeping contract with CDA. For that process the Account Operator shall represent the Depository in relations with the Issuer.

In order to delegate maintenance of the Issuer's registry to the Central Depository, the Issuer should conclude an agreement with one of Account operators and submit the following documents:

1) Copy of the document, confirming the state registration of the Issuer;

2) Copy of the document, confirming authorities of the Issuer's executive body;

3) Reference on existence (printing) of stock certificates;

4) List of registered securities (except for issued, and not yet underwritten securities) holders (nominees) in electronic and printed forms, by indicating the total number of securities of given class, nominal value, as well as the number of securities of given class, belonging to each holder (registered in the nominee's name). The printed version shall be sealed by the Issuer (if any) and signed by the head of the executive body. If the contract concluded with the Issuer relates to such class of securities, which are not still underwritten, i.e. there is no holder of that class of securities, then the Issuer shall issue an order to the Account Operator, whereby indicating the class/type, quantity, nominal value of issued securities, as well as other information that the Issuer considers worthy of submission.

5) Application for granting International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) or securities identification code (SIC) in duplicate, which shall be filled out and submitted in accordance with the rules of the Depository Rules "On Assigning International Securities Identification Numbers".

6) Information on payment agent of the Issuer, which is competent to distributes payments to the securities holders in the name of the Issuer (if any).

7) Other additional documents, defined by the Account Operator (if any).

For more information please refer to the Depository's Rules on Operation of Unified System of Securities Registry Maintenance and Settlement.

Updated as of: 03.12.2019