In 2014 Funded Pension System was launched in Armenia. 

According to the contract signed between the RA Government and the Central Depository of Armenia OJSC, the Depository will keep the registry of Mandatory Funded Pension System participants, as well as perform custody of pension funds’ assets, according to the Legislation. 

Currently "AMUNDI-ACBA ASSET MANAGEMENT" CJSC and "C-QUADRAT AMPEGA ASSET MANAGEMENT" LLC act as mandatory pension fund managers in Armenia. Each of them offers 3 pension funds: Fixed Income (FIX), Conservative (CON) and Balanced (BAL). 

The net asset value of pension funds in RA is AMD483,1 billion as of December 31, 2021. The structure of the assets is shown below: 



ATTENTION: In case participants themselves don't choose pension fund and fund manager, the selection on behalf of the participant is done by Pension information system randomly. 

- Participants can select new pension fund and fund manager and make their further pension contributions to a pension fund of the same or the new fund manager. 

- By making pension funds’ units exchange participants replace the units (or a part of them) on their account with the units of a new fund. In this case further contributions of the participant continue to go to the acquisition of funds mentioned in the application on selection of fund/fund manager. By submitting the application on selection of fund/fund manager respectively, participants can acquire new fund units for their further contributions as well. 

- Once a year the funded pension system participants can receive a report on their pension account free of charge by submitting Application for receiving information on pension account (Annual report for the previous year). For receiving the report in an electronic format, the application is provided only once, after which the participant receives the report for coming years consecutively. To receive the report in paper format the participant shall submit the mentioned application every year. 

The inheritance of funded pension system participant's pension funds by the inheritor is registered based on inheritance certificate issued by notary, which is compiled according to a notary request. The notary request is submitted to the Depository by the inheritor to which the Depository gives the query response later. 

You can check your pension account via ATM or some of the online banking apps. Detailed reports are possible to receive visiting the Account Operator banks or HayPost offices, or logging in My Account page. 




Additional information about pension reform in Armenia is available on the following web-sites:  

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Updated as of: 07.03.2022