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"Anelik Bank" CJSC Is a Member of Securities Settlement System of Central Depository.


On November 10, 2016 "Anelik bank" CJSC became a Member of securities settlement system and thus was granted statuses of Depository system account operator and regulated market settlement system member (RMSSM).

Hereinafter services of "Central Depository of Armenia" OJSC (CDA) will become available through Anelik Bank as well, specifically all the services related to registry keeping of joint-stock companies and securities safekeeping.

Anelik Bank has joined the list of 17 Account operators of depository system and 17 RMSSM.

The list of Depository system Account operators and RMSSM, contact details as well as operators' rules on tariffs are available on the following pages of our web-site:  "Depository system account operators" and "Settlement System Members".


About Anelik Bank

"Anelik Bank" CJSC was founded in 1990 August 1, by enterprises and organizations of Light Industry as a Shareholding Commercial Bank. In 1996 the shareholding commercial bank "Anelik" was registered (License # 9 of the Central Bank of the RA) and since then has been operating as "Anelik Bank" Limited Liability Company. In 2007 "Anelik Bank" LTD was reorganizaed into Closed Joint Stock Company. The Bank has been member of NASDAQ OMX Armenia since January 31, 2009.
For further information please visit the official web-site of the bank:

Updated as of: 29.03.2017