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ARMECONOMBANK became a member of securities settlement system


On July 8, 2015 "ARMECONOMBANK" OJSC became a Member of securities settlement system and thus was granted statuses of Depository system account operator and regulated market settlement system member (RMSSM).

Starting from July 20, 2015 ARMECONOMBANK customers can easily reach services of "Central Depository of Armenia" OJSC (CDA), specifically all the services related to registry keeping of joint-stock companies and securities safekeeping.

To recall, in March 2013 the CDA launched a new business model of depository system in Armenia, according to which the above mentioned services will be provided to customers via account operators - investment companies and banks, which signed the relevant agreement with the CDA.

ARMECONOMBANK joined the list of 14 Account operators of depository system and 15 RMSSM.

The list of Depository system Account operators and RMSSM, contact details as well as operators' rules on servicing are available on the following pages: "Depository system account operators" and "Settlement System Members".



"ARMECONOMBANK" OJSC (the former Armenian Republican Bank "Zhilsotsbank" of USSR ) was the first amongst the state-owned banks of Armenia to be reorganized into a joint-stock bank and to be registered in the Central Bank of Armenia on August 26, 1991. The bank became a member of NASDAQ OMX Armenia in February 2009. Since 2002 common nominal stocks of the bank have been listed at stock exchange on secondary B list.

For more information please visit the official web-page of the bank:

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