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CDA Online app is live now! The services of Central Depository of Armenia are available online


AMX- Central Depository of Armenia has launched “CDAօnline” app which makes receiving of information from depository account and instructions on transfers available online. For the first time in Armenia an international e-voting mechanism resonant to international standards has been created for issuers and investors․
Users can be aware of the shareholder meetings, its deadlines and agenda, moreover, they can receive attached documents, send questions to the issuer (joint stock company), participate the general discussions, vote and receive all previous meeting data. Saving additional resources the issuer, in its turn, gets the opportunity to invite General Meeting, receive summarized data and communicate with the investors more productively. Moreover, with this app you can take part in the General Meetings invited by the Issuer without arriving the meeting setting.

With CDAօnline users can also see securities and funded pension balance, the history of transfers, contact Account Operators and Depository, etc.

"Creating a depository application was one of our primary goals, which is already a reality and with which we entered a new phase of technological innovation. It will make the Armenian market more attractive for foreign investors, as it allows them to manage assets from anywhere in the world. Moreover, Central Depository of Armenia is one of the few depositories in the region and around the world that have launched the application, and now is cooperating with depositories in other countries to transfer the experience. The main feature of the application is to move the meetings of joint stock companies to an online platform, i.e. shareholders can connect with their mobile phones, express their opinion, vote, receive voting results electronically," said Vahan Stepanyan, CEO at AMX-Central Depository of Armenia.

CDAonline is available 24/7 web and online from any country in the world. Before registering the users should get acquainted with the guide and terms of use.


Updated as of: 15.06.2021