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CEO's Update on COVID-19


Today we all face the COVID-19 pandemic’s impacts. It encompasses alerting number of infected people, unprecedented fluctuations of all sectors, and amplified volatility taking place in global markets. 

The world undergoes the toughest period hand in hand with those tremendous challenges that will follow the pandemic. However, the more compound the situation is, the more room we have to think about the necessity of changes to be made in our working environments, and the priorities that should lie in the core of any company. For us the company’s commitment towards safety of employees and our clients, and resilience in the working environment is of utmost importance for which we have initiated the following precautions and activities:

  • Sanitization of the company offices and the provision of protection means for all the employees to promote personal hygiene,
  • Ability of most employees to work remotely equipped with computers provided by the company,
  • Paid quarantine period for employees returning from abroad,
  • Minimizing contact among workers, clients, and customers by replacing face-to-face meetings with virtual communications and implementing telework,
  • Flexible working hours and creation of shifts for administrative work,
  • Providing workers with up-to-date education and training on COVID-19 risk factors and protective behaviours from our HR Department.

Directing all the resources to ensure the seamless operation of our employees remotely we continue to provide the services. Therefore, the daily activities with our partners and clients are proceeded with the same intensity and commitment as before through virtual channels. All the documentation workflow has been eased with the creation of electronic signatures and other online facilities, respectively.

This year CDA has commenced a new phase of modernization with the development of Depository’s mobile app, which will provide the easy access to the depository services. We created new links with international partners, we took the chairmanship of AECSD for 2020 and will consequently host the AECSD annual conference this autumn.  

The Central Depository of Armenia believes that even though all the carefully structured plans for 2020 have undergone into a new phase, we should be enough resilient and move to another stage where reasonable governance and flexibility can not only grant us with a winning prospect of this pandemic but will also enhance to stepping into a new level of economy and company development.


About Central Depository of Armenia

“Central Depository of Armenia” open joint stock company (CDA) is one of the oldest securities market institutions in Armenia, founded at the very beginning of the overall securities market creation.

Since its inception in 1996, CDA provides shareholders register keeping services to joint stock companies, as well as securities account opening and maintenance services to corporate and individual customers. CDA’s clientele has grown steadily for the past few years reaching over 2,600 companies and more than 113,000 securities accounts to date.

Consistent with international standards, the Central Depository offers its partners a full range of depository services through cutting-edge software solutions: registry keeping of asset owners, custody services, securities and cash accounts, assets servicing, cross-border settlement, pension accounts maintenance, pension assets custody, clearing and settlement.

The Central Depository of Armenia partners with such international organizations as Raiffeisen Bank Russia, Clearstream Banking Luxemburg, National Settlement Depository, Russia Central Securities Depository, Kazakhstan, Republican Central Securities Depository, Belarus to provide excellence in servicing its customers.

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Updated as of: 30.04.2020