Category: Pension system

Reminder about receiving annual pension account reports.


In order to receive pension account annual report for 2015 a funded pension system participant shall submit to Depository Application for receiving information on pension account (Annual report for previous year), through "My Account" system or pension system Account operators until January 30, 2016, indicating to receive report in either electronic or paper format.

Once a year the information is provided free of charge.

If the participant doesn't submit the mentioned application, the report will be send to him only for the first year, in paper format, while for the future years the report will not be send.

Please be informed, that for receiving the report in electronic format the application is provided only once, after which the participant receives the report for future years continually. To receive the report in paper format the participant shall submit the mentioned application for each year.

For more information on funded pension system please visit "Funded pension system" page of our web-site.

Updated as of: 29.03.2017