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Additional stocks by "UNIBANK" ojsc listed on NASDAQ OMX Armenia's main (A) list of stocks


Starting from October 20, 2016, additional issue of common nominal stocks by "UNIBANK" OJSC placed in July, 2016 will be listed on NASDAQ OMX Armenia and included in the stocks' Main list (A).

On October 17, 2016 the Bank's stocks were shifted up from the Secondary (B) list of stocks to the Main (A) list of stocks, as a result of which UNIBANK has become the first joint-stock company which is listed on the Main (A) list of NASDAQ OMX Armenia.

Listed securities comprise 12,173,914 stocks (ISIN - AMUNIBS10ER5) with nominal value of AMD 100, which will be traded under UNIB ticker symbol and will be allowed to manual and REPO trading as well. The total number of the Bank's stocks listed amounts to 144,547,732.

To recall, on 27-29 July, 2016 placement of the Bank's above mentioned additional shares took place at NASDAQ OMX Armenia. The whole announced volume - 12,173,914 common nominal stocks, was fully placed on the first day of placement and the Bank attracted AMD 2,800,000,220. The price of a stock stood at AMD 230.

The list of securities listed and admitted to trading on NASDAQ OMX Armenia, is available on "Financial Instruments" page of our website.


"UNIBANK" OJSC was established in 2001. One of the bank's main objectives is the financing of small and medium enterprises. Currently UNIBANK has 45 branches together in Armenia and in Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as a representative office in Moscow.
The bank is a member of stock exchange since 2008 and is a member of securities settlement system since July, 2015.
For more information please visit the official web-page of the bank:

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