Category: Exchange

Market Data: September


Deals for total AMD 12,009,160 were committed on Armex trading floor in September 2004.

The number of deals was 196 deals, with 16,939 securities issued by 25 companies traded. The largest volume was traded in common stocks of "Haykabel" ("ArmCable") jsc (HKBL) - AMD 5,065,000 (42.18% of total volume traded) and common stocks of "Pure Iron Plant" jsc (MQER) - AMD 3,000,000 (24.98% of total volume traded). The two companies thus stood for over 67% of total trading volume in September. At market close on Thursday, 30 September, 2004, market capitalization (at last deal prices) made AMD 8,236,159,368. Total volume of deals committed on Armex since the beginning of 2004, reached AMD 627,083,346, which is nearly the double of the same of previous year.

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