This section contains the complete and most recent versions of the Rules of the Central Depository of Armenia. The Rules and amendments thereto are registered by the regulator of the securities market, the Central Bank of Armenia (CBA). All amendments are incorporated into revised versions of the Rules and are posted on the website within three days after approval by the CBA.

The Rules are currently being translated into English, so check back soon.

Please note that the English translations of all documents are for information purposes only, and that according to Armenian legislation only the Armenian texts are legally binding. Complete list of CDA rules is currently only available in Armenian.

Charter (available only in Armenian)

 Rules on Registry Keeping of Pension Funds Participants (30.03.2018)

 Rules on Provision of Pension Funds Assets Custody Services (13.09.2016)

Rules on Unified System of Securities Registration and Settlement (19.06.2019)

Procedure for Assigning Securities Identification Numbers (available only in Armenian)

Rules on Tariffs (25.01.2019)

Rules on Ethics and Business conduct

Emergency Response Regulation (02.12.2008)

Regulation on Controller (available only in Armenian)

Procedure of Amending Rules and Regulations and their Appealing (available only in Armenian)

 Regulation on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (26.07.2017)

Regulation on Pension Account operators employees attestation (qualification) (available only in Armenian)

Regulation on Qualification of individuals, Requirements for Compliance Professional, testing and registration of professional qualification (available only in Armenian)

Rules on Cash Maintenance (new edition, registered by the Central Bank of RA on 19.07.2018)

IT security statement (available only in Armenian)

Quality policy (available only in Armenian)


Updated as of: 13.08.2019