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Pension Reports: Why and How to Register Your Email?


If you want to receive detailed reports about your pension account online, you can register your email with us.

Fund managers manage your savings and since you are the owner of these assets, we provide you with an opportunity to receive information about your pension account on a regular basis, and this can be done through email. Thus, why not receive comprehensive information quarterly and annually if reports are available for every participant free of charge.



By registering you will regularly get detailed information about your pension account. Once each trimester and once a year we send you a thorough report on the contributions made by you and the government’s contributions for you, as well as on the transactions related to the fund(s) shares (obtaining shares, exchanging them and their redemption), your fund’s annual profitability.

Besides, you will save time as there will be no need to stand in queue at the account operators’ branches.



Submit your email through one of these ways:

  • Submit an application to the Account Operator providing your email address (preferably your personal) and indicating ‘via email’ as the preferred variant of getting reports. The same application may be sent via My Account
  • Submit your email through online messages that are sent to you by the employer or bank you are client of.

To learn more about reports, please visit Account Reports.

Do you have more questions?

For more questions about quarterly and annual reports, please call us at +374 60 61 55 55 ext. 131 or 134, or send an email to

Updated as of: 20.02.2019