We are looking for a Business Administrator who will join our Pension services department team and will be responsible for AMPIS system maintenance, development of new modules, automation of business processes and will create new software solutions for the improvement and development of the pension system.


Job Description


  • Implement actions to improve the pension system software, develop new modules, test and install the new versions,
  • Carry out business processes automation,
  • Develop an attestation system for account operators’ employees,
  • Maintain and implement further development of AMPIS system,
  • Develop and implement software automation to download reports, exchange and visualize the data,
  • Provide ongoing maintenance of software solutions within the framework of registry and custodial services,
  • Inspect and examine the documents and instructions received from fund managers and confirm the actions arising therefrom,
  • Register and revise of the parameters and data in the AMPIS system, register the users, grant accesses and assist in system coordination,
  • Assist funds in asset-backed operations, examine the documents related to operations.


Required Qualifications and Skills


  • Master degree or equivalent in finance or economics,
  • At least 2 years’ experience in the financial sector,
  • Strong knowledge of capital markets,
  • Ability to write a technical assignment,
  • Previous similar work experience,
  • An understanding of pension system and fund managers' activities,
  • Knowledge of “AMPIS” software is a plus,
  • Good knowledge of ArmSoft,
  • Computer skills and good knowledge of IT infrastructure,
  • Ability to quickly respond in a stressful situation,
  • Team working skills,
  • Good knowledge of Russian and proficient user of English languages.


All interested and qualified candidates are encouraged to submit their CVs to careers@amx.am indicating "Business Administrator for AMPIS System" in the subject line of the e-mail.

Updated as of: 05.11.2019